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So it seems finding the perfect gaming chair is no easy feat. And rather than just land on a good gaming chair through trial and error, IKEA wants to make sure you get one that fits your posterior perfectly.

In a partnership with educational esports group Area Academy and 3D-printing medical company Unyq, the ultimate IKEA gaming chair starts with a scan of your rear end.

What’s this ultimate gaming chair?

The UBIK is a new ergonomic chair designed for the world’s most extreme sitters. While it sounds far out at first, the idea is a brilliant one.

IKEA wants to scan your butt for the ultimate gaming chair

Photo: IKEA.com

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At the core of UBIK is an ergonomic stool, specially designed for the most extreme sitters. It looks pretty much like other IKEA swivel stools except for the seat, which allows it to be equipped with a 3D-printed mesh platform molded to a person’s bottom. IKEA’s Head of Design Marcus Engman, in revealing the prototype at the IKEA Democratic Days, claims the chair may relieve backaches and cramps for gamers (or any other sedentary office worker) who spend long hours sitting in front of a screen.

How does the process work?

You walk into an IKEA and get your body scanned and buy the UBIK chair. And in about two weeks, 3D printed inserts based on your biometric data will arrive in the mail. You insert the mesh into the stool and voilà! Your customized gaming chair.

IKEA wants to scan your butt for the ultimate gaming chair

Photo: IKEA.com

Unfortunately, UBIK will only roll out in 2020 and for a limited time only. No word on the pricing or where the UBIK will be available. So, gamers, in the meantime, try the LÅNGFJÄLL swivel chair. I use it in my office and, while it’s not 100% butt hugging, it’s a really good chair.

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