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This is not the easiest project but I hope it will be useful to some. This is a sound system console table made out of an affordable IKEA dining table.

IKEA item:
Tools required:
Sound system console table from $69 IKEA dining table

Ingo table | IKEA.com

Instruction for sound system console table

Slice the table top into two sections lengthwise. The width of the right section should be 15 inches and the left 13.5 inches.

Also, cut the sides and replicate all originals fittings on the cut portion to connect the table legs.

By the way, table legs are also cut (they’re shorter by 8 inches)

The table top left section is to be used as the bottom shelf.

Sound system console table from $69 IKEA dining table

Cut all the corners of the bottom shelf to fit with the legs.

Use steel corners to hold the shelf to the legs.

Sound system console table from $69 IKEA dining table

~ by Benoit

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