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Here’s another round of “ID that IKEA” aka IKEA Name Game. (Round 1 here) Just 2 items and I’ve partially identified the first. So, over to you!

#1 Rory’s gazebo

Rory was at the SoCal Costa Mesa IKEA store and spotted this pagoda/gazebo thing they hacked together. Can you help her figure out what it’s made of?

Hackers Help: ID that IKEA - Round 2

Well, I spotted it at my local IKEA too and found out the metal structure is an AMMERÖ gazebo. But instead of the canopy that comes with it, they probably used panel curtains but I can’t be sure of that without a closer look. Anyone know the name of the fabric?

AMMERÖ gazebo | IKEA.com

#2 Agnese’s grey wardrobe

Agnese is one of the many who needs help to find out “what-the-hell is the stuff I have at home?”! She lives in Italy – if that info helps – and these are the pics of a grey wardrobe she has.

Hackers Help: ID that IKEA - Round 2

Hackers Help: ID that IKEA - Round 2

This, I’m stumped. Not sure I’ve seen this before. Can anyone ID this?