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According to your experience, is it possible to use KUNGSBACKA IKEA kitchen doors on PAX units?

We have two PAX units in the entryway and would like to change their doors and use KUNGSBACKA ones. Our kitchen is KUNGSBACKA and we love it a lot!

Hackers Help: IKEA kitchen doors on PAX frame?

Hackers Help: IKEA kitchen doors on PAX frame?

Photo: IKEA.com

Thanks for your reply and help.

~ by Gaja di Stefano


Hi Gaja

Measurements for the PAX and METOD/ SEKTION are different, so you won’t be able to use the KUNGSBACKA doors on the PAX frames straight up.

For example, the width of PAX frames are either 50 cm or 100 cm, while KUNGSBACKA doors measure 20, 40 or 60 cm wide.  

Some modifications on the width and height of the KUNGSBACKA doors as well as holes for the fittings will be required. While it can be done, I won’t recommend it. 

Why not go for the Nexus black-brown doors instead, if you prefer darker doors?