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Rolling TV stand for 55″ flat panel TV

My girlfriend wanted a rolling TV stand for her new 55 inch flat panel TV and Bose speakers. At IKEA, we located an affordable table the perfect size but without wheels.


  • IKEA 403.492.63 LACK Nesting Tables $29 each x 2
  • IKEA 002.886.57 KALLAX Rail with 2 casters $15 each x 2
  • 4-inch x 1/4 inch lag screws and washers x 4
IKEA LACK nest of 2 tables

LACK nest of 2 tables | IKEA.com

So we bought a second table to form a base and also bought some IKEA casters.

KALLAX rail with 2 casters

KALLAX rail with 2 casters | IKEA.com

Rolling TV stand for 55

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We turned the table upside down, drilled new holes, and screwed the casters and base into the table legs.

Rolling TV stand for 55

The resulting rolling TV stand can be tucked away against the wall, or rolled around to face the sofa-bed, the couch, or the kitchen as desired.

Rolling TV stand for 55

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~ by Bill Atkinson