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Just 10 more days to Christmas and if you’ve not gotten the holiday decor up, it’s now or never. Here are 10 last minute Christmas decor ideas you can quickly and easily put the use. And get your home in shape for the holidays.

#1 Add some festive cheer with a room divider

We would like to share an idea to decorate your room for coming Christmas.

Here in the office we have and IKEA product called VEBERÖD.

room divider as Christmas decor

703.433.25 VEBERÖD room divider | Photo: IKEA.com

The picture is more or less self-explaining, possible to use all Xmas decorations from lights up to Xmas tree toys and other hand made things.

The textile pockets are perfect for presents to put in, isn’t ?

~ by Ausra and Daiva, Lithuania

If you’ve fallen behind on Advent, you can still use the Stråla LED floor-standing candelabra as a minimalist tree.

Strala LED floor standing candelabra

Stråla floor-standing candelabra | Photo: IKEA.com

Or catch up!

#2 An Advent “D’oh” Moment

IKEA items used:

  • Stråla floor-standing candelabra
  • VINTER 2017 stripey string
  • Various shiny cards in Christmassy colours
  • Number stickers
  • Chocolate coins
  • Self-control (don’t eat all of the chocolate whilst crafting the hearts).

I bought a Stråla in the “As Is” Dept as we’re trying to keep the house clutter-free before moving. I thought it would be nice and unfussy standing on a window-ledge or the mantle-piece.

Then I had my “d’oh” moment: It has exactly 24 hanging pegs. One for every day in Advent. That’s right: The big Stråla is just a huge Advent calendar.

Christmas advent candelabra

So I made 24 Danish Hearts using a tutorial and template from the internet (There’s lots of them of varying complexity, choose one to suit your crafty skill-set and/or the time you have available); fill them with chocolate coins and hang them up with the lovely stripey string. (I love stripey string).


~ by Andy McHugh

#3 Convert a shelf into a tree

If you snagged an IKEA PS 2014 wall shelf when it was available, you’re in luck.

IKEA PS 2014 Wall Shelf | Photo: IKEA.com

This guy was meant to be draped in tinsels and lights. Like here. And you can place your presents on the shelves, instead of the floor. How cool is that?

I also dug up some Christmas decor ideas from IKEA Christmas past. The 2012 catalogue to be exact. Don’t let the date fool you, the catalog still has some high impact ways to dress up your place for Christmas. Take a look. (via Decoist)

#4 Frame up the ornaments

Frame up an assortment of Christmas ornaments for a classy Christmas vibe.

10 last minute Christmas decor ideas to deck your halls and walls

Photo: Decoist.com

#5 Light up a reverse tree

Hang up STRÅLA stars in a reverse tree formation. Or set up this new 2017 LED chandelier, which reminds me of fairy wings, to set the mood.

10 last minute Christmas decor ideas to deck your halls and walls

STRÅLA LED chandelier | Photo: IKEA.com

#6 Try a different kind of wreath

IKEA has a wide range of pretty twinkle lights. Pick one that fits your style. I don’t see the danish heart light (photo below) in IKEA’s latest Christmas range, sadly. But the RAMSTA Light chain with 24 diamonds will light up your door way beautifully too.

10 last minute Christmas decor ideas to deck your halls and walls

Photo: Decoist.com

#8 Serve up a tree

The KVITTERA 3-tier serving platter will feel right at home on your Christmas table. Just fill it up with an ornaments of the same kind and colour tones. You can’t go wrong with this.

10 last minute Christmas decor ideas to deck your halls and walls

Photo: Decoist.com

#9 Cut out a tree

IKEA does not sell the paper cut-out tree anymore, but this is an easy DIY. Get some cardboard and a pair of sharp scissors. Enlarge this template up to the size you want and then start cutting. And your tree will be up before you can say ho, ho, ho.

10 last minute Christmas decor ideas to deck your halls and walls

Photo: IKEA.com

#10 Hang up a bouquet of ornaments

This is one of my favourite Christmas decor ideas. String up and hang baubles over the window, door or in your hallway. And suddenly, it will start to look a lot like Christmas.

Sparked any ideas? So get your house in shape for the holidays. 10 days and counting.