There is no stopping the blue bag

Since the IKEA inspired $2,145 Balenciaga tote, there’s been a flurry of fashion items made out of the FRAKTA bag. I’ve been chuckling at some of the more outlandish ones but well, it’s nothing we’ve not seen over here at IKEA hackers. FRAKTA fashion started from way back. 2006 to be precise.

The first was this laptop bag from funk-station.

And then in 2010, Adriana’s fantastic FRAKTA halter dress. And bikini line.

Thanks to Balenciaga, the yellow and blue bag with its crinkly tone is trending as the hottest fashion item around. Seems like everyone is making stuff out of FRAKTAs. Take a look, but don’t take this too seriously. No one is going to be walking around, dressed in an IKEA bag anytime soon.

#1 Something for Cosplay?


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#2 Hmm … new wonder woman costume?


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#3 This could probably work, unless it’s a hot day


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#4 For your IKEA run


Cool pants. Don’t forget the sneakers below.

#5 Yeezy does it


Via Hypebeast

Sneaker customizer Mache salvaged his pair of Cream Whites Yeezys by jumping on the IKEA meme wagon.

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#6 Would you buy this for $38?


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Apparently many will part with moolah for an IKEA cap.

#7 Don’t hold your breathe for this one


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Tailor made for Beijing air.

#8 If Balenciaga’s version ain’t for you, go for this


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#9 Let’s get comfy shall we


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#10 The best vest


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An eye popping, traffic stopping vest. I can see my local lollipop man (or woman) in this.

I love the creativity triggered by one 99 cent tote. Let’s see how long before the steam runs out on this meme.

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