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I have 2 Alex drawer units and between them a SÄLJAN platform. It looks something like this:

Hackers Help: How to attach long countertop to 2 ALEX units?

How do I attach the Alex units to the SÄLJAN countertop? Glue?

I rather use some method that will allow me to dismantle them in the future if needed, but they still need to be attached strong in case I will move the units.

Any ideas?

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You can use brackets (like what Vineta did) to secure the countertop to the Alex drawers. When you need to dismantle, just remove the brackets and you’re good to go. Another option – neater but requires a lot more precision – you can also screw from inside the Alex (one screw at each 4 corner) upwards to the countertop. Just make sure to get the correct length screws that won’t pierce through to the top. I’ve also seen others use Velcro successfully.  ~ Jules