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I’ve had a few small size IKEA Samla boxes for years –  they were perfect for the kids’ LEGO bricks and Playmobil figures. But the children have long  outgrown their toys and I’ve bought many more great looking storage containers over the past years.

Instead of taking the old IKEA Samla boxes out in the garage to store tools, paint brushes and screws, I decided to give them a second chance.

At the hardware store, I bought a few shiny and stylish cabinet pulls with a polished nickel finish, I drilled two holes on each  Samla box and used smaller screws to attach one cabinet pull on each Samla box. The result?  A gorgeous, elegant storage bin!

On my blog, I’m sharing many ideas for their new use, photos, as well as the very easy instructions for you to make them! It takes literally 3 minutes to have one ready!

Gorgeous DIY Upgrade For The IKEA Samla Storage Box

Gorgeous DIY Upgrade For The IKEA Samla Storage Box

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~ by Angelica K, mydearirene.com