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Singular baby cot to retractable drying rack

Singular baby cot to retractable drying rack

I hacked a Sniglar baby cot into a retractable clothes drying rack.

Items needed:
1 x Sniglar baby cot
2 x small press hinges
4 x screw hooks
2 x metres curtain cord

1. Take both ends of the Sniglar cot
2. Cut the legs off both so they resembles a square
3. On one of the ends, cut off the sides i.e. the sections you just cut to size
4. Attach one piece to the complete Sniglar cot end piece using the hinges
5. Attach two of the screw hooks to the other piece, one at the end, the other in the centre and the other to the cot end piece
6. Attach to the wall using wall anchor screw fixings
7. Tie the cord to the first hook and loop through the others so that it hangs to the side of the frame.

~ Ciaran