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IKEA items used:

  • BESTA cabinet frame 23 5/8×15 3/4×25 1/4 “
  • BESTA drawer frame and drawer fronts
  • CAPITA legs
  • Drawer handle

Other materials:

  • L-brackets
  • Metal braces
  • Wall anchor
  • 14-inch full extension drawer slides
  • Rubbermaid 10.25-gallon wastebaskets

Our dog was always getting into the trash. We have a small kitchen with no space in the cabinets to put the trash can in. Since we use BESTA in every room, I’ve decided to convert it into a recycle and trash cabinet.

1) Assemble the BESTA frame without the back panel.

2) Flip it upside down and attach L-brackets to top of the frame (on the inside).

IKEA BESTA as trash and recycle bin

3) Attach CAPITA legs to the frame.

4) Flip it right side up and push it against the wall. Attach the L-bracket to the wall.

5) Assemble the drawer frame, leave the back panel out. The Rubbermaid wastebaskets won’t fit if the back of the drawer frame is added. I’m using two drawer fronts for this cabinet. They are held together with metal braces. Add a handle to the drawer.

besta as trash and recycle bin

6) Attach the drawer slides to the cabinet frame (follow manufacture instructions).

7) Attach the drawer slides to the drawer frame (still following manufacture instructions).

8) Insert the wastebasket into the frame.

9) Insert drawer into cabinet.

dog proof trash and recycle bin

10) Add a label for trash and recycle.

This unit also holds my dog’s water bottle. He prefers to use the bottle rather than the bowl.

Dog Proof Recycle and Trash Cabinet

Dog Proof Recycle and Trash Cabinet

Dog Proof Recycle and Trash Cabinet

~ Lis Vesurai