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BEKVAM Step Stool - 5 fun ways for kids


Photo: IKEA.com

This little thing called the BEKVÄM step stool is as typical as IKEA goes. Functional. Plain. Solidly designed. Qualities which make it an all-round hacker favourite. I’ve seen it painted, washi-ed and sawn apart. For today’s post, we’ll take a look how the BEKVÄM occupies a special place for kids.

All in a toddler day’s work …

“I eat, I draw, I browse!”

BEKVAM all-in-one kids table and chair


You don’t even need to hack anything. The BEKVÄM comes just right as a portable all-in-one table and chair set for a toddler. Ready for your tod to buckle down to some serious work, ie. Freckleschick’s daughter (pic above) checking on the latest stock movements? Apartment Therapy showcases two other versions of the BEKVÄM step stool – one for snack time and the other for art.

BEKVAM all-in-one kids table and chair 2


See it on Freckleschick and Apartment Therapy.

“I cook just like Mama (or Papa)”

BEKVAM Step Stool Mini Play Kitchen

Move over DUKTIG, the BEKVÄM is far more flexible as a play kitchen. You can add modules to it and when the kid outgrows the kitchen, the BEKVÄM can transform back into a step stool or another cooler incarnation like … an iPad stand. See this tutorial for the BEKVÄM mini play kitchen.

“I go up, up, up!”

BEKVAM Step Stool Kids Learning Tower
BEKVAM Step Stool Kids Learning Tower 2
Kids must hate having everything above their eye level. In their little brains, they must be constantly thinking, “How do I get in on the action? How can I see what’s Mama’s doing?” Which is probably why they climb everything. Make it easier for the nosy one with a learning tower. The purpose of learning towers is to bring toddlers to countertop height so they can see what’s going on. Satisfy their curiosity and let them learn in the process. Click here for the complete tutorial on making a learning tower. Another version here.

“Sit down for 0.38 seconds”

BEKVAM Step Stool to Child's Seat

BEKVAM Step Stool to Child's Seat 2

After all that running around, your toddler’s got to have a place to rest their behinds, however briefly. Build a seat and armrests on top of the top step of the BEKVÄM and you get a perfectly sized children’s chair. Let them have a seat at the table when you write or craft or dine. DIY tutorial here. Or if you prefer to add a plastic bucket seat, check this one out.

“I brush, I wash”

BEKVAM kid-safe step stool

BEKVAM kid-safe step stool 2

When kids need to reach the bathroom sink, a naked step stool may not be secure enough. Give them handles to hold on to when stepping up, getting down and when they are perched at the top, brushing their set of enamels. See how it’s done here and here.

How have you used the BEKVÄM for your child? Drop us a comment and let us know.

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BEKVAM Step Stool - 5 fun ways for kids