Raised Bed inside built-in Wardrobe

raised bed 6

I really wanted to wake up and be able to look out my window from my bed every morning, but having a built-in wardrobe in the way made it impossible. I decided I would simply just remove the contents of my wardrobe and create a bed within it.

I did this by using 4 Kallax (Expedit) shelving units and x6 hardwood planks of timber.







With the rail for the old sliding wardrobe doors attached to the floor I had to split up the 4 units with a small gap in between but that didn’t cause an issue. I placed the x2 Small 4 box Kallax units side by side along the back wall of the wardrobe. I then placed x2 larger 8 box Kallax units 70cm apart to support each side of my double bed.

I then placed x6 Hardwood timber planks 17cm apart at 135cm in length. I pre drilled holes on each side of each plank and then screwed them in place.

And that’s it.. 🙂