Dressmaking table on casters


This is simply the Norden leaf table with some leg extensions and casters, used as a conveniently storable table for tracing out patterns and cutting cloth for home dressmaking.


Photo: IKEA.com

In total the table is raised 16cm. It is important to get casters with brakes so the table doesn’t move in use. I used some steel brackets which have a screw about 6mm diameter fixed to them, which goes into the extension piece. I drilled two holes right through the legs and used 2 X M5 countersunk bolts secured with nuts because I thought wood screws might tear out. This wasn’t enough to keep the extension pieces from pivoting slightly, so I added some plates secured with wood screws. The end result is not elegant but is acceptable for a workbench. The hack could also be improved by using smaller casters which would have room to swivel properly.