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IKEA Closet Doors into Workstation with Monitor Hutch



Materials: 1 Linnmon tabletop, 4 Besta Tofta doors, 5 adjustable table legs, 8 Capita 4″ legs

1. I started off by cutting the 3 of the 4 Besta Tofta doors long ways down the middle using a circular saw with a melamine blade. This created 6 strips, each 10″ wide by 75.5″ long.

2. took the 1 door I didn’t cut fastened it to the Linnmon table top using PL and screws. This created the desks work area. I added 4 adjustable table legs also from Ikea to each corner. There was an issue with the desk bowing in the center after it was upright so I decided to add another leg in the center. I set it far enough to the back that it was not noticeable when you sat down.

Optimized-2013-11-20 15.35.11 Optimized-2013-12-01 14.26.43 Optimized-2013-11-20 15.41.07 Optimized-2013-12-01 14.55.59 Optimized-2014-03-10 15.13.27

3. I used one of the strips of from the doors I cut for the shelf where I would place my monitors. I used 8 capita 4″ stainless steel legs to give me the desired height. I then glued a strip of PVC molding I got from home depot to the front of the shelf so it better matched the desk portion. After that I added an LED light strip underneath. The LEDs were purchased from Amazon.

4. I then used the remaining strips of closet doors to build the hutch or monitor housing. It is completely separate from the desk. After it was built I fastened it to the desk with a few screws.

5. I then used a sheet of 1/8″ melamine coated fiberboard from home depot for the hutch’s back panel. Once it was tacked on the whole thing became rigid.

Optimized-_MG_0855 Optimized-DSCF0421

That’s pretty much it.

Watch a video of it.