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Besta Based Credenza

besta bench1

The base is made of BESTÅ cabinets:
2 * BESTÅ extension unit ($50.00, Width: 47 1/4 “, Depth: 15 3/4 “, Height: 15 “)
1 * BESTÅ extension unit ($35, Width: 23 5/8 “, Depth: 15 3/4 “, Height: 15 “)

Overall 5 cabinets to achieve a linear length of around 10 feet (118” 1/8).
The assembled base has been wrapped with a recycled pine wood enclosure (stained, varnished and polished) made of panels (LOWES).

1014021_10151908857238589_631946020_n 1557621_10151908857383589_1492151302_n 1011216_10151931376163589_483896039_n 1920600_10151983523798589_1738956313_n

Doors are 5 * BESTÅ VARA ($5, 23 5/8″ * 15″). Besta doors have been lightly sanded then primed. Pattern has been marked on primed doors then spray painted one color at a time using Valspar spray paint and using low tack masking tape to avoid ruining finish between color applications.

Doors have been finished with urethane (7 coats), wet sanded between applications. Last coat was sprayed to obtain a high gloss dust free finish. Voila!

besta bench2
besta bench3