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Having just relocated from the UK to Singapore and purchased a new large screen TV I was looking for an economical TV cabinet to house all of my electronic equipment including a Blu-ray player, HTPC, PS3 and NAS whilst also providing good air circulation give the warn ambient temperatures in Singapore.

I liked the design of the IKEA Lack TV Bench but the space was too narrow to house the larger pieces of my equipment. However, as I toured the IKEA store I noticed the Lack side table was the same depth but also just over twice the height. From here a plan formed to join two TV benches together and to use the side table to create a more spacious lower section.

Parts Required
IKEA Lack TV Bench (501.411.87) x 2
IKEA Lack Side Table (701.984.08)

Tools Required
• Drill
• 5mm drill bit
• 8mm drill bit
• Philips screwdriver

Steps to Follow
1) Build the first TV bench top using the original short sides as per instructions. Once assembled this should give you a U shaped piece

2) Take the top from the second TV bench and the taller sides from the side table, and with the unfinished side of the top facing upwards
• Drill four new holes in the top to align with locking bolt holes from side table sides using a 5mm drill
• Drill four new holes in the top to align with the dowel holes from the side table sides using an 8mm drill
• With a fine drill make four small holes through from the unfinished side where the dowels for the short sides would normally go
• Flip the top over so that the finished side is facing upwards and drill back through where the fine drill marked the surface using an 8mm drill

3) Take the first top that you built with the short sides attached to turn this upside down so that the short legs and unfinished side are facing upwards
• Take the second top that you have just drilled addition holes in and place this on top of the first top, again with the unfinished side facing upwards
• Using four of long screws with hex heads from the side table (100218) secure the second top to the first top though the new 8mm holes that you drilled

4) Then attached the two taller sides from the side table to the second top
a. Use the bolts (114928), locking barrels (114926 & 115263) and the thicker dowels (101350) from the side table to secure the sides to the top

5) Position the base on top of the higher sides and use a fine drill to mark the taller sides where the four large counter sunk bolt holes are in the base
a. Remove the base and drill the four holes vertically down into the sides with a 5mm drill. Keep drilling until the drill brakes through into the cavity in the side panel
b. Position the base back in place and attach with four of the long hex head bolts (104323) from the TV cabinet

6) Put felt pads on the bottom and flip over and position in your living room