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Materials: 2 Mydal loftbeds, 1 Trofast storage combination, 1 or 2 Kusiner box storage.

Description: I have two small sons who share a bedroom. To get the maximum out of the room I wanted a loftbed in a corner where they could both sleep downstairs and thus have a playground on top. This gives them more space and is also home to all the ever-expanding city of Lego. The top of the bed also serves as an extra bed when the kids have friends on a sleepover. Another advantage of the bed is that there is plenty space under the bed.

IMG_2787DSC_0276 DSC_0269

Step 1 : Put up Trofast storage combination
Step 2 : Put up the two Mydal loftbeds, and cut one of them so the bed is 2 meters in both directions. Screw it all together.
Step 3 : Cut out some 19mm MDF boards, I cut out some circles so you can see in and the kids can see out of the bed.
Step 4: Paint it and put on laminate flooring on the loft.