GODMORGON small stuff organizer for MALM 6-drawer chest


Materials: GODMORGON Storage unit, set of 3 – MALM 6-drawer chest – SKUBB Box, set of 6, cardboard + double-sided tape

Description: We use the top drawers from our MALM for a lot of small things, e.g. keys, pens etc.
But even the smallest SKUBB boxes are still too big to give you a good overview.
With the GODMORGON units and just a few pieces of cardboard and double-sided tape it makes the perfect organizer for all your small stuff. You can even slide it back and forth over the SKUBB boxes.

img_20130808_200310-741907 img_20130808_200325-738579 img_20130808_200345-745767

Cut the cardboard in pieces of 25mm x 140 mm and put double-sided tape on them. Tape them on the GODMORGON unit.
We used 3 pieces taped together on one side of the GODMORGON and 2 on the other side. How many you need depends on the thickness of the cardboard you use.
Just tape them on and hang the GODMORGON unit on top of your MALM drawer.

~ Sharon