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besta hack 5

In designing a new workspace within a heritage building – an old church hall built in 1915 – I needed a cost effective way to create 2 separate spaces (existing coffee shop and new shared workspace), one that would have minimal or no impact on the fabric of the building itself.

My solution: 4 standalone shelving units from the Besta range, each mounted on MDF (for added stability) and industrial castors, used as storage on the workspace side, then clad on the back with ply and the same mouldings and VJ/panelling as the rest of the building. The 4 units slot together (the mouldings overlap) and can be moved around as required. I added some vibrant wallpaper to liven up the coffee shop side of the space.

besta hack 1
besta hack 2
besta hack 3
besta hack 4