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The BEST(A) LEGO shelves

Materials: Besta shelves & doors, wooden coasters, DIODER, spray paint

Description: On Christmas I was brainstorming with my mother on her workspace makeover, I finally got the idea how to design some more shelves next to my Mandal LEGO storage. I noticed that BESTA doors could transform into giant LEGO plates.

So I started working on it, bought the shelves, doors and some wooden coasters, spraypainted everything in different colours and … was already done. Since there is no 3×3 plate from LEGO, I thought that I could turn the giant square door into a LEGO logo, and I did.

You can see the whole process on the link to snapguide below. Took me … well from Christmas until today (but I only worked in the evenings…)

By leaving a little space between the shelves I was able to put in some display areas which I lit up using DIODER lights. It turned out to be a great piece, everyone who enters the room suddenly turns to the shelves and smiles.

For everyone who’d like to build something like it on his own, have a look at the detailed steps I documented in the snapguide:

Check out How to Build LEGO-themed Shelves With Display Areas by Martin Storbeck on Snapguide.

Happy IKEAhacking!

~ Martin Storbeck, Böblingen