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Space saving kids triple decker beds

Materials: Kura bed frame

In order to save space in our children’s bedroom, my husband and I decided that a triple decker bed was required.

We purchased two Kura bed frames from IKEA. First we measured the two frames and cut one down to ensure that the three beds would be equal distance apart.

Next we drilled into the top four corners of one bed and four base legs of the second. We inserted steel rods into the holes to link and secure the two frames together.

Space saving kids triple decker beds

We purchased the same side panels to match the surround of the bed and made a base with sides on the very bottom bunk.

So we were left with a bed and base at the bottom, a bed and base in the centre and a bed and base at the top.

Our three children were over the moon with their new beds as the all had the own storage and cleared the floor for some much needed ‘play area’.

~ Gemma & John Robins, Essex