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Ikea Hyllis Shoe Storage

Ikea Hyllis Shoe Storage

Materials: 2 Hyllis shelving units, power drill

We needed a good solution for storing our shoes so that it wouldn’t take too much floor space. Hyllis was just the right height and width but it didn’t have enough shelves. My solution was to buy two of them and combine them to have enough shelves for our shoes. This way the there would be less unused space and we could fit our shoes in properly.

Instructions are easy: just drill new holes between the existing holes on 4 legs and assemble. We had one shelf and 4 legs leftover from this project.

Ikea Hyllis Shoe Storage

The result is a well-functioning shelving unit for shoes that also looks good. This could also be used for storing other items , books etc.

See more of the Hyllis shoe rack.

~ Minni S., Finland