Award-winning trophy clock - IKEA Hackers

Award-winning trophy clock

Materials: PUGG clock / trophy / power drill / plastic primer spray paint (optional)

Description: This PUGG clock hack won me a trophy, and the trophy is the clock hack! Logic as circular as the clock itself.

The dilemma:
I want it on the mantle but it keeps falling over – too front-heavy and no base.

The solution:
Make it a trophy

Materials needed:
PUGG clock / trophy / power drill / plastic primer spray paint (optional)

1) Get a trophy. There are two ways to do this: either win one (hard) or thrift one (easy). I thrifted mine.

2) Paint the trophy (optional). I used white plastic primer spray paint.

3) Take the trophy apart. There should be a nut at the base and a bolt running through. The figure should already be threaded.

4) Mark the clock frame, at the 12 and 6

5) Drill 2 holes to fit the trophy’s bolt

6) Thread the figure through the 12-hole (I didn’t need a nut to hold it in place, but who knows)

7) Thread the bolt through the 6-hole, straight through the base and screw on the nut.

8) You win! We all win! What time is it? Us-rad-time!!! (etc)

~ Jennifer Zwick, Seattle