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Lack coffee table gets a mosaic top

Julie spruces up an old Lack coffee table with a mosaic.

She says, “It was pretty simple, actually. I got my dad to make a wood cover (pine sides + mdf base) to slide over top of the original table. I think he made it about 1mm bigger on each side, so it fit perfectly and wasn’t too tight. There were 2 reasons for making the wood bit to slide over top: (1) it gave me a lip that would hold the grout in and leave a nice clean finish with even edges and (2) the table lived in Toronto and I lived in Kitchener, so I needed a way to work on the mosaic and then take the finished product to Toronto to surprise my partner (this was a gift). After varnishing the wooden top, I went to work on the mosaic and many, many hours later…voila! I had a lovely ‘mosaicked’ table.”

Click for more of Julie’s mosaic table.

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