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tertial chandelier

i love jason’s chandelier combo from 3 work lamps. kinda like a mutant giant spider. “it consists of three tertial desklamps, fixed upside down to the ceiling. the tertial lamp is the simplest and cheapest and i already had one laying around. the room calls for a decorative lighting fixture, but there is no such thing as a cheap, beautiful, classy chandelier. my solution was to add a bit of irony, surprise and humor to the problem. in combination with a dimmer, the result works surprisingly well. lamp4 lamp2 the base consists of a ring and a disk of identical diameter, made of 18mm plywood. glueing them together forms a hollow base to house the the electrical wiring. the disk has four holes in it. three for the lamps to go through and one in the center for the single screw that attaches the whole to the ceiling. the end of each lamp that sits in the base also needs a hole. the lamp is held into the base by, in my case, a piece of bicyclewheel spoke, that goes through the hole in the base of the lamp. to prevent it coming undone i bent both ends of the piece of spoke. the three arms can move and rotate independently, fitted with a dimmer it ensures versatile lighting.”

fitting section top
drawings of the fitting, section and top view