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STORÅ loft bed to loft office

DIY loft office: STORÅ loft bed with desk

IKEA items used:

  • STORÅ loft bed
  • ALGOT shelving system
  • HELMER drawer unit on casters

Living in apartment with high ceiling gave me the thought to exploit height as useful space. Being a civil engineer gave me the idea to build it in wood. When I spotted the STORÅ loft bed my eyes were opened. The wood profiles were similar to those in my calculations, and I used load for library from EN standards.

All that resulted in what is pictured below. Modifications to original are:

The ladder is moved to the short side of the bed.

I raised the horizontal planks between the legs by a plank’s width. The reason for raising the plank is to get standing height under the loft, and that the Stockholm sofa could slide into place from the side.

Above the original slatted bed base, planks were fixed in opposite direction (instead of mattress :) ). Even the rug is from IKEA, but I can’t remember which.

Planks to form the floor of the loft office

Planks to form the floor of the loft office

ALGOT is fixed onto the wall for shelving and desk purposes. HELMER drawer unit for office accessories.

DIY loft office: STORÅ loft bed with desk

In phase two, shelves were planned behind the Stockholm three seater as a stand for books and a retro FM radio, a pair of rear speakers and beverages/snacks storage. I may add some USB outlets for device charging.

DIY loft office: STORÅ loft bed with desk

IKEA HACK loft office: STORÅ loft bed with desk

Complete STORÅ loft is fixed to wall with L profiled fixtures (Bauhaus), three by each leg (pier). This can be done instead of bracing, and one can get even better result. Only leg not beside the wall is fixed to the floor with double sided adhesive tape.

IKEA HACK loft office: STORÅ loft bed with desk

~ by Krisko

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2 Responses to STORÅ loft bed to loft office

  1. Krisko says:

    Original idea was to put TV under and sofa to the opposite wall, but to sit under bunk gives one some cosy feeling, like being on a boat or in mountain cabin. Wife and I are not particularly high persons so it is no problem for us, but guests are always warn in time. When my kid gets older I plan to make bed with storage/desktop under in her room.

  2. Stella says:

    Like Patrik “Björklund I think it needs a more solid construction.

    This is a nice idea for small but high rooms.
    But everty time I see a bunk bed with a sofa underneath, I think you’d better put the wardrobe under the bed and give the sofa a more arial place, where you don’t bounce your head every now and then. And the wardrobe will be a more solid underneath which can help bear the study.

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