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Ribba Gallery-Style Floating Picture Frame

I wanted picture frames where the picture “floats” in the center of the frame, but they were surprisingly expensive (25€+ for small frames) and didn’t come in square sizes. I then had the idea to make three hanging “floating” style frames out of square Ribba picture frames.

Ribba Gallery-Style Floating Picture Frame

This Ribba Gallery-Style Floating Picture Frame hack uses the following:

  • 6x Ribba picture frames (23x23cm)
  • 1x Ikea Räcka curtain rod and rails
  • Behandla glazing paint (white)
  • Hanging chain and hooks (from hardware store)

I bought six Ribba frames (to make 3 finished frames), removed the cardboard backing from one frame and replaced it with glass from the second frame. I then sandwiched a print in between the two sheets of glass. The photo didn’t require any tape or glue to stay in the frame, but was held in place by pressure from the two glass panes.

Ribba Gallery-Style Floating Picture Frame

I drilled two small holes for the hanging hooks at the top of each frame, drilling slightly toward the back of the frame for best balance (since the glass was nearer the back than the front). I installed a Räcka curtain rod to the wall, to which I attached a hanging chain from the local hardware store (the issue with using string is that it’s a lot of work to make sure all the pictures are perfectly level. The chain solved this problem).

Ribba Gallery-Style Floating Picture Frame

Ribba Gallery-Style Floating Picture Frame

To take it to the next level, I painted the backs of the frames white using Behandla paint. I then sandwiched another print in between the glass, facing backwards. Now, when I want to change the style of the gallery, I just remove the frames from their hooks and turn them around. The back side isn’t quite as clean as the front, but it provides for a temporary change of scenery when the mood strikes.

Ribba Gallery-Style Floating Picture Frame

Cost of the project (I am located in Finland):

  • 6x Ribba picture frames: 36€
  • 1x Ikea Räcka curtain rod and rails: 9€
  • Behandla glazing paint: 7€
  • Hanging chain and hooks: 7€

Total cost: 59€.

I also have three glass-less Ribba frames left over, that can be used for another project (just waiting for inspiration to strike!).

~ by Aaro Keipi

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One Response to Ribba Gallery-Style Floating Picture Frame

  1. C A says:

    Cool! I have a lot of small pieces of art (most given to me by the artists) and used to live in a place with plaster walls, which made hanging and re-arranging them a nightmare.

    I came up with a somewhat similar hanging system using a strip of galvanized steel flat bar with holes (from the hardware store, not Ikea). But will add this hanging system to my idea list when I need another.

    Also love that you put a different print on each side so you could change it out. And I like that you used chain, which would make it a little easier to keep the lengths the same and has an industrial look that I like.

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