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Stain-proof men’s apron from 2 FRAKTA bags

Balenciaga may have moved on to even stranger territory, but people everywhere are still hacking the always useful FRAKTA blue bag, including Christian Lee of DadSews.com.

IKEA FRAKTA blue bag

Photo: IKEA.com

In his latest video, he makes a stain-proof men’s apron (great for women too!) to gear up for sizzling summer barbecues. Note that the bag material (polypropylene) is stain resistant NOT flame retardant. So be careful near the grill.

The apron is also awesome for craft projects. Or bathing dogs.

Stain-proof men's apron from 2 FRAKTA bags DIY

Lee says you need 2 bags to make 1 apron. He cuts one bag open and then into the shape of an apron.

Stain-proof men's apron from 2 FRAKTA bags tutorial

Loop one of the handle strap around the neck and measure for size.

Waist ties

Remove the other handle and use it as the tie around the waist.

Cut the second FRAKTA bag into strips for trim.


Then sew the trim around the cut edges, tucking the waist band into the trim. It should be about halfway down the apron. (Use bias tape if don’t have a second bag or want to save the hassle of making your own trim.)

Stain-proof men's apron from 2 FRAKTA bags

It passed the tomato ketchup test!

Stain-proof men's apron from 2 FRAKTA bags

Watch the full video tutorial.

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