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Published on May 17th, 2017 | by Contributor


Hackers Help: Can I hack the KURA bed into this?

Can you please ask on the IKEA hacking community how I can make this from the KURA bed?


Not only that, I want like to make it with drawers underneath. Any ideas?


Greetings from Holland,

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Hi Gizem

It looks like a doable hack.

Here are a few KURA hacks to get you started.

You could snag the ideas for the structure from these:

~ The Little Forest House
~ Treehouse beds

~ Underbed storage for the KURA bed
~ Kura with drawers

Good luck on the hack!


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4 Responses to Hackers Help: Can I hack the KURA bed into this?

  1. Orto says:

    Hi there,

    it looks possible, but…

    I heared kids tend to play. So they will cling at the crown beam one day. This will lead to a huge amount of torque to the shorter beams (headboard, footboard) of the mattress frame. You will have to reinforce the joints.

    Or you shouldn’t remove the upper head- and footboard beams. You also could replace them with tensile ropes. This would result in a less “massive” look.

    A lightweight appearance will often result in kind of instability you have to face with. Check carefully and reinforce joints/beams if needed.

  2. Patricia says:

    It’s seems pretty easy. Just assemble all the pieces that match the ones on the “house bed”.
    Then you should be left with 2x 200 cm pieces + 4x 90 cm pieces (+ 7 plastic pieces) and a missing roof.
    Use 1x 200 cm piece + the 4x 90 cm pieces to make the roof. You will need to trim and do some angles on the 4x 90 cm pieces. Each piece should have 1 end with a 45 degree angle, and one end just straightly cut. The reason you want them straight cut is that so you can overlap them like in the photo. Why? Because making angles match is a real pain in the… Anyhow, that also means that 2 of the pieces will be shorter than the others.

    To figure out the length to cut these pieces in you can just eyeball and measure as you go, or you can use trigonometry. If the width of the bed is truly 90 cm, that would mean that the sides would need to be 63,64 cm long, because: length = sin(45)*90 cm = 63,64 cm. You would then need to cut the long pieces to be 63,64 cm (measuring from the point of the angle to the top), and the shorter pieces to be 63,64 – the width of the wood.

    So in the case of 90 cm in width (measure at the bottom once assembled – it’s probably more like 100 cm) with 5 cm thick wood, it would look like this:
    2 pieces with a 45 degree angle in one end, measuring 63,64 cm on the longest side
    2 pieces with a 45 degree angle in one end, measuring 58,64 cm on the longest side

    Then it’s just a matter of assembly, and you should be done! Hopefully it is not too confusing – and hey, who knew trigonometry was actually useful outside of school? ;)

    Regarding drawers you could see if they have something (drawers or boxes) that matches in size under the bed, and just put wheels under. Another option is to build drawers from scratch (simply just a box with wheels under).

    I hope you share the results in here :)

  3. D says:

    You can do something like this:

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