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DIY Raised Bed Liner for Askholmen Planter

Now that we’re in the thick of Spring, let’s dig into a bit of gardening. Simone shares her DIY raised bed liner idea for the ASKHOLMEN wooden flower box, converting it into a raised bed instead of a plant stand. The ASKHOLMEN is pre-treated with a layer of semi-transparent wood stain. But the elements can be merciless, so keep the wooden planter looking good with the VÅRDA wood stain.

Other IKEA products you can use to grow plants are the ALGOT wire baskets. They make a pretty balcony height herb garden. The SAMLA boxes can be converted into a huge yet affordable planter. And of course, the FNISS trash bins. They make cheap and handy pots for the garden.

DIY Raised Bed Liner for Askholmen Planter

IKEA items used: Askholmen Planter and Frakta bag

The Askholmen planter is a great looking planter however can’t be used without using plant in pots inside. I wanted to fill the whole planter with soil and plant. The Frakta blue bag is an almost exact fit.

DIY Raised Bed Liner for Askholmen Planter

Make a DIY raised bed liner in 5 easy steps

  1. Cut of the handles of the Frakta bag
  2. Poke some holes into the bottom of the bag for drainage.
  3. Place the bag inside the planter and line up the edge of the bag with the frame of the planter on the inside.
  4. Staple the bag to the frame.
  5. Fill with potting soil and plant.

~ Simone

DIY Raised Bed Liner for Askholmen Planter

Did you know you can use the FRAKTA bag straight up as a planter too? Here’s how:

1. Cut 1 inch holes at the bottom, each about 6 – 8 inches apart.

2. Fill the bottom with 4 – 6 inches of gravel.

3. Top with soil.

4. Add plant of your choice.

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One Response to DIY Raised Bed Liner for Askholmen Planter

  1. Stella says:

    Today I looked at this planter and pondered about the babydoll bed of my sister, when we were child.

    About this hack: years ago I saw that plastic menage baskets have the right size. I lined them with the soil bag. Flatten the bag, cut a line in the middel of one surface stop about 10 cm before the brim. From there cut diagonal to the two bottomcorners. Inside outside, inside is black. Lay the middle of the outside on the bottom and fold the cutted bad over the raised edge to the outside bottom. Make cuts in the sides about 2 cm over the bottom.
    These bottoms are about 19 cm x 28 cm and hight 15 cm, 4,5 Liter. Shortly ago I saw in the foodshop small Frakta’s. Mayby they are of the right size. It’s not on the website. Example of the basket: https://eviewer.netmedia-europe.be/cache/server?type=image&origin=pb&source=promobutler_be%2Farticles%2F2015%2F01%2F08%2F23369%2Fb_blokke071n010000050.jpg&storage=2015

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