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Published on March 16th, 2017 | by Contributor


KURA trash truck bed


IKEA items used:

  • Kura loft bed
  • Kura bed tent

My grandson is obsessed with trash trucks. He, along with his little brother, was ready for the Ikea Kura loft bed. It would save them some space in their shared room.

So, I decided to try and turn the bed into something that looked like a trash truck.
While I’ve seen other trash truck beds, this fit the room, and more importantly, the budget!


First, I assembled the bed in the loft configuration. I left out the one white panel to create a ‘windshield’.

I added 1/2″ particle board ($17) for the side panel. Cut the holes for the ladder steps and center hole with a jig saw. Painted it and added some vinyl decals. Used the original hardware to attach as well as a few wood screws spaced around to keep it secure.

Added two 2×4 markerboard ($10 ea) cut to fit the ‘front’ of the truck. This gave me a smooth surface to apply the decals.

Added play gym handles ($9 set)

Remade the Ikea Kura bed tent using green fabric and original hardware. Used green heat applied vinyl on tent.

I added a PVC railing to the top in front. Just to help keep them in. Painted this dark green to match.

~ by Michelle

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4 Responses to KURA trash truck bed

  1. Mari Inshaw says:

    OMG! So cute! I love the little touch of adding WM

  2. Erin says:

    Where did you get the vinyl decals?

  3. perpetualintern says:

    This is fantastic! My toddler would die of happiness.

  4. Nikki K says:

    So cute! Look at that happy little face.

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