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Ivar for the bathroom

diy bathroom vanity

IKEA items used: Ivar shelves

Looking for the cheapest bathroom and yet natural furniture for your bathroom, we came up with this idea.

For this hack you will need two Ivar side units and a wooden counter top or even a plywood one, and a couple of screws.

As I am not very confident in cutting the wood with my miserable machine … I simply went to a DIY store and asked for 2 plywood cut to my dimensions. (Yes this is the main advantage of this system you can have your own dimensions).

I fixed the Ivar sides on the wall. Then fix the countertop on them, simply with 2 screw on each side (screwed from the countertop to the Ivar sides). As my screws were visible on the countertop and because it worth to reinforce the structure, I added a second countertop (same dimensions as the previous).

diy bathroom vanity

I like the idea of blending wood and paint on the countertop. So I painted it with an oil based paint (the countertop on the top and left the one underneath rough). I fixed the 2 countertops together (screwed from the below and this time the screw were invisible). Hope you like it.

diy bathroom vanity


~ by flo berry

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