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Making a bedroom for 3

We needed a space-saving solution for our sleeping space, because we only have one room for us and our child.

Items we used:

  • KURA high bed
  • TARVA day bed with pull out bed base
  • 2 MALFORS mattress (200x80cm)
  • TROFAST frame white as staircase
  • KURA bed tent

1. First I built the KURA high bed an turned the ladder backwards.


TARVA daybed with pull out base. Photo:

2. Then I built the TARVA day bed and inserted it under the high bed with the foot of the daybed on the inside. The day bed is very low, so we have enough space up to the high bed. I put two IKEA MALFORS mattress on it (200x80cm)
3. An IKEA TROFAST frame acts as a staircase and as a toy storage at the same time. It is very important to screw the bed and the frame together, so the frame can’t fall over when my son climbs on it. For this I have used the TROFAST included webbing and screws for securing the frame.
4. Finally I installed the bed tent onto the high bed, so my son can’t fall off it.

A bedroom for 3

That’s it!

~ by Bettina Horn

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2 Responses to Making a bedroom for 3

  1. Dmitri Kara Dmitri Kara says:

    Hello Betty,
    Personally I love bunkbed hacks, but I think you should look a bit into safety here. Not that it looks unsafe, but still a would rather say it, than don’t. The trofast unit worries me the most.

    • Bettina says:

      Hey! I don’t understand. Why are you worried about the trofast? It’s screwed to the bed. And now we have placed a rubber mad on it. Greetings from Germany

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