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Published on February 15th, 2017 | by Contributor


Hackers Help: Advice on 3 sliding doors?


I know that the PAX sliding doors are sold in pairs, but my space will exactly fit 3 of the 29.5″ wardrobes. Is it possible to trim/connect the rails from 2 door kits so I can install 3 doors, with the door from either side wardrobe sliding over the middle section?

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5 Responses to Hackers Help: Advice on 3 sliding doors?

  1. epep says:

    Possible. I installed 5 small PAX sliding doors over 4 large PAX frames in my exist closet space.

  2. anica says:

    I actually made this for a 3 units wide combination. Had to put some stuff underneath the shorter rail to make it level (also needed to use a file for the “bump”, my 2 rails seemed to be of different production batches).

    Problems that occured:
    -as said before, one rail is a bit shorter than the according wardrobes, so you should make sure you dont saw too short, I also recommend to put the self-sawed part as end piece (the industrially cut parts just match better together)
    -bump, still, whenever you open it- i put my camping stuff and funeral clothes in that third wardrobe
    -if you drill the hole for that stopper bit too far away from the end and dont have at least 2 inches to the wall on both sides of the wardrobe, drawers may not open on the other end of your wardrobe wall- fortunately it werent MY underpants locked in there after i put in the 3rd door :)
    -you need to saw and drill the foot-side railing, too, cause there are bits cut out already, but those wont match anymore
    -it is a pain *somewhere* to get done (says I, who is usually pretty good with tools and that sort of impro-comedy) so seriously, think about hinged doors, curtains, open solution… it sucks. Honestly.

    Else: Best of luck

  3. Zwirbel says:

    Looking at my own PAX (with 4 “standard” doors) I would also say that it is possible. The metallic rail / bar that holds the door is just a little bit shorter than 2 units. If you combine 2 rails and shorten them, it would work.

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