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DRAGET+RAST= Tall Storage Display Unit


I needed more storage space in my kitchen. With only a small space for a tall display cabinet I decided that it was best to design and build one to custom fit the space. Ikea to the rescue! I like the look of the DRAGET shelf unit for displaying my dry goods but I still needed some drawers for hidden storage and I wanted it to be taller to take advantage of the vertical space. I checked the measurements online and the RAST is almost the same dimensions as the DRAGET. Huzzah! An ikea hack was born!

Draget±Rast photo 1-10

I assembled both units to get a visual of them together. If I were to do this again I would make all of my cuts before the assembly.

Draget+Rast Photo 2-9

First I sanded down the RAST top so it was completely level.


I removed the legs from the DRAGET with an electric saw. Be careful of sparks!


I attached the base of the DRAGET to the top of the RAST with liquid nails along the border where the two units touch. I clamped them together, carefully and quickly wiped away the excess glue that squeezed out of the edges, and let it set overnight.


After the unit was glued together I realized it was still too tall for my space so I decided to cut down the base of the RAST 1 inch & a half just below the bottom screw that holds the front kick plate to the sides. Again, if I were to do this project over I would have cut the RAST pieces down before assembly.


I stained the RAST with Minwax wood finish in Golden Oak 210B. To get this look I had to brush on the stain and immediately follow with a rag to wipe it right off. This allows the least amount of stain to absorb into the wood for a very light finish.

DRAGET+RAST= Tall Storage Display Unit

Once the stain was dry I reattached the RAST drawer handles and set it in my kitchen to display my dry goods and store my plates. I love it!

DRAGET+RAST= Tall Storage Display Unit

The Finished hack stands at 191 centimeters tall, 2 feet wide & 1 foot deep

DRAGET+RAST= Tall Storage Display Unit

DRAGET+RAST= Tall Storage Display Unit

~ Christie Sapienza

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3 Responses to DRAGET+RAST= Tall Storage Display Unit

  1. Stella says:

    Did you attach both to the wall?

  2. Deniz says:

    You may think to paint the shelf unit to match with the drawers. Anyway, good job.

  3. Christie Sapienza says:

    The unit works perfectly to store my plates & bowls in the drawers out of sight & free of dust. With the shelving left to display my dry goods in jars. I love it! This post is so exciting! I’ve always wanted to make my very own hack to have featured here. I’m living the dream! Haha

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