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Published on January 27th, 2017 | by lrosdahl


DIY headboard for IKEA HENSVIK crib

DIY headboard for IKEA HENSVIK crib

So fun and easy to do this baby crib headboard.

IKEA item: HENSVIK crib

The HENSVIK crib has a lot going for it — the bed base can be placed at 2 different heights, it’s safety tested and great value for money. But it’s not much to look at. Louice did a great job adding a touch of class to the crib with a tufted DIY headboard. The little headboard now matches the headboard on the big bed.

Here’s the short version of the DIY headboard:

DIY headboard for IKEA HENSVIK crib - Instructions

Measure the width and height of the headboard. Cut fabric with 5 cm extra around on all sides. Don’t forget to cut two pieces of thin batting. Wrap the fabric around the board and staple all along the edges.

Mark where you want your buttons to go. You can use ready covered buttons. Measure where the buttons will also sit on the old gable and drill holes. Then start tufting. Lastly, attach a piece of fabric with glue on the back to hide the holes and staples. And it’s done!

For more pictures and step-by-step instructions visit Louice’s blog!

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    Would love a desk that uses the file drawers with a much wider top, but 4.5 ft long, utilizes a corner & has shelves. Must go up for storage of supplies & books.

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