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Kura Bunk Bed Hack for Two Toddlers

Ikea Items Used: Kura Loft Bed, Trofast Toy Storage and Emmie Ruta Duvet Covers

With our 18 month old attempting to climb out of the crib we decided it was time to transition him to a bed of his own. He would be sharing a room with his 3yr old sister. Rather than having two beds take up precious play space we thought about purchasing a bunk bed. We immediately realized that our 18 month old was not ready for the bottom bunk of most bunk beds since they were so high off the ground. We were also unsure about the ladder that our daughter would have to climb and descend from at night (potty training was in progress). There were a few bunk beds with stairs but most were wrong style, color and configuration for our room.

After a little research I decided to take on the project of utilizing an IKEA Kura Loft Bed and use the IKEA Trofast Toy Storage unit as stairs. The top bunk of the Kura bed is fairly low compared to true bunk beds and the bottom bunk would be on the floor which is ideal for our 18 month old.



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Here is a list of modifications I made:

  1. Sanded and painted the Kura frame and Trofast units gray.
  2. Added safety railing to the stairs.
  3. Adding guard rails to the top Kura bunk.
  4. Added a shorter bottom step to the Trofast unit.
  5. Carpeted the stairs.
  6. Added a lockable babygate to the bottom of the stairs.
  7. To ensure a durable finish, sanding off the clear stain was vital. Sanding and painting all the wood pieces took much longer than I expected. I went with Glidden Diamond Semi-gloss for durability and its No-VOC and low odor formula.

Assembly of the Kura bed and Trofast units was pretty straightforward but be sure to keep the pieces organized in groups. A few of the Kura pieces have numbers printed on them. I used a little blue painters tape to mark them.

Painting the boards

Once the assembly of the bed and stairs was complete I performed a test figment of guard rails for the top bunk. I used some 1×2 wood for the rails and secured them to the existing bed frame posts with some wood screws. I reinforced a couple of the vertical supports with some metal mending plates. While we wanted our daughter to be safe we didn’t want too many horizontal bars that would block her vision of the room and the TV.

Assemble the KURA bunk bed

Hacking the TROFAST into stairs TROFAST stairs guard rail

Note once I completed assemble of the Trofast unit, I reinforced each step with metal braces since it was not designed to be a staircase.

Next up was the safety railing. I have no experience when it comes to designing or building railing for steps so this took a little longer than I expected. Prior to making any cuts I had our daughter walk up the steps and I marked where her hands touched the wall when she needed stability. I used those measurements for the height of the railing. Like the guard rails, I secured the top of the railing to the bed frame and to the vertical risers of the Trofast unit. I also reinforced the 1x2s with metal mending plates.

Before securing all the railing pieces I attached a custom bottom step that was only 6.5″ in height rather than the 11″ of the first “step” of the Trofast unit.

KURA Bunk bed Add carpet to the TROFAST stairs

I decided to add carpet to the stairs for safety and comfort. I used a Mohawk carpet runner and added some padding while I was at it. To ensure long term durability I secured the carpet to the stairs using some tackless strips and some 1/2″ staples.

To round out the safety features I added a baby gate with self-closing hinges and a sliding lock to ensure our 18 month old would not be climbing the stairs without our knowledge.

Here is the final product. We are truly happy with the end result and the kids love their new bed!

Kura Bunk Bed Hack for two toddlers Kura Bunk Bed Hack for two toddlers

~ by Eugene Cerdena

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9 Responses to Kura Bunk Bed Hack for Two Toddlers

  1. Nevena says:

    HI! I really really love the style and function of your created bunk bed. Especially the stairs are fabulous and I would like to rebuild them myself – but I am not really talented for these things so I am asking you for some support :-)
    1) Could you please tell me the material and measurement for the safety railings?? So I would make them cut in the store…
    2) How did you make the bottom step?? What would I need to buy?
    3) Could you give me the link for the baby gate? Seems to fit perfectly..

    Sorry for these detailed questions but it would really be a great help for me to get these pieces of information…thanks so much and greetings from Germany! Nevena

  2. Quint Starr says:

    Wow, it’s unbelievable! I had a tendency of hating bunk beds because of safety reasons but your idea looks great.

    Thanks for an awesome read.

  3. Green thing says:

    When I look closer, the side rails may also be a safety issue. I encourage you to google up the head entrapment standards for children’s furniture.

  4. Green thing says:

    A safety concern for the original builder and anyone constructing something similar. Please make sure the vertical railing posts are less than 4″ gap between them. A gap larger than 4″ can allow a small child’s head to get trapped, with terrible results. I can’t tell from your photo but it appears to be very close… Which would be the most dangerous size, if it’s at all over 4″. This is a serious issue. In the U.S. it is mandated by building code. Toys and cribs get recalled for this all the time.

  5. Esterika says:

    Hey I love what you did to the bed !!!
    Can you please tell me what are the measurements
    Got every wood for the rail you did ?


  6. Thanks S Hanson!

    I initially planned on adding some safety rails similar to the top bunk but my wife didn’t think it was necessary since the bottom bunk is literally on the floor. Our youngest is a fairly deep sleeper but as a precaution we placed an IKEA Vallingby cushion under the sheets for a couple weeks to contain any movement at night.


  7. 9jerry9 says:

    I hate bunk beds because of the security breach in most of them and numerous reported accidents (around 300 per year in my country): I simply love yours and i’m definitely impressed: really amazing, and you show you really care for your kids :-)

  8. S Hanson says:

    Hi. This is so cool! I think i might have to build one for our kids. Only one question: how did this family get their youngest one NOT to fall out of his bed? I mean, kids roll around when they sleep and there is no safety railing… hope to hear from the builder of this amazing bed :-)

  9. Nikki says:

    That is awesome! I love that you were super safety conscious with this hack. I also love that you chose grey and girlied up your daughter’s bed with the pink. Nice job.

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