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Undermount single-bowl Ikea Domsjö sink for a vintage kitchen

Ikea Item used: Domsjö single-bowl inset sink

I wanted to update the countertop and sink of my vintage kitchen but as it is vintage (1970s vintage, approximately), you can’t just remove the countertops to replace them with nice modern features. They are parts of the structure and everything is built-in. So I had to find an option to cover them with something else.

As for the sink, I had a very used stainless steel single-bowl sink with a drainboard that I didn’t like as it was damaged, first and foremost, but also taking a lot of counter space where I needed much more. I wanted a ceramic single bowl sink and the best value around here is the Ikea Domsjö inset sink. However, I wanted an undermount sink for ease of cleaning purpose.

Therefore we decided to remove the old sink and install the new sink on the old counter, after removing some of the tiles to lower its level. We also removed some of the height of the laminate located under the tiles until the upper part of the Domsjö was level with the old tiles from the countertop. And we added a beam on the right side for support.

Preparing the countertop

Installing the undermount sink

Undermount single-bowl Ikea Domsjö sink

Then we installed a new countertop on top of it all with a nice amount a caulk to secure the whole project. It is a dark compact laminate counter, about 1 cm high. You really can’t guess there are tiles under.

Undermount single-bowl Ikea Domsjö sink

There you go: undermount Domsjö sink! The contrast between the colors of the sink and the countertop is really nice. After a couple months using it, I am happy to report that it’s perfect. No leak of any sort and it looks great and offers comfortable functionality. An interesting option for those of us who can’t afford a whole kitchen reno but want a nice Ikea sink.

You can read all the details (in French, sorry – but with lots of pictures – English version to come soon) on my blog: The Plan, Installing the sink and Countertop.

Happy hacks!

~ by Joelle K

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7 Responses to Undermount single-bowl Ikea Domsjö sink for a vintage kitchen

  1. Joelle says:

    @Norma : sure you can. But I would advice more than one support beam as the double Domjö is way heavier than the single inset version.

  2. Norma says:

    Is it possible to undermount the Domsjo double sink version?

    • Stella says:

      Surely, look here:
      This is not a double sink, but it is double broad. With a double sink you will see the partition wall in the middle. I see no problems.
      If I see it well, Joelle left some of the sink border free. The photo of cristinacatherine shows the counter top completely over three sides of the sink border.

  3. joelle says:

    @Stella: its entirely up to you where you put the sink in such a situation. I did so after much thought, considering that workspace on the right side was more valuable to me than on the left side as I often need access to both the sink and the hotplates. See what I mean? I could have gone the other way round but it wouldn’t have been as convenient for the way I use it.

    @Sarnia: glad it gives u ideas. N’hésitez pas à me contacter si vous avez besoin de renseignements supplémentaires!

    @Nikki: yes the grout was horrible but it could have been painted. That’s what we did for the backsplash and it looks way better. But after using the tiled countertop for months, I realized i could never keep it cleaned. Therefore I really wanted a seamless surface for hygienic reasons. Otherwise, I totally agree that tiles can look wonderful.

  4. Stella says:

    Yes, when sink and countertop are separate, then undermounted is the best. Well done.
    But why is the sink all left? I would have placed it above the 2nd door for work room both left and right from the sink.

  5. Sarnia says:

    This is awesome, well done! I’m looking to do a similar thing because of a similar issue (built-in countertop that I cannot take out without ripping the whole kitchen apart). So this is very helpful (and besides, I’m French!).

  6. Nikki says:

    I love the new counter! I would have loved the old counter if they hadn’t used that color grout. It doesn’t match the backsplash and I’ve always been a fan of the look of a tile counterop.

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