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Small wood server closet



IKEA items used:
MOLGER (35,99€)

Beautiful, well aired and wood solution for small server closet
(for wifi spot & small hub: 37x37x37cm / 14,5×14,5×14,5” )

Ikea Molger is a seat with storage for bathroom, but it’s perfect to combine in birch or light wood environments.

Normally the server boxes/cabinets are cold, big and made with metallic parts.
This hack offer a properly aired, elegant and soft/warm solution.





How it’s made:

First at all, cut the legs ( around 10cm. / 4” ) to create a square box.
Later follow Molger instructions to assemble this furniture.

After, take the piece that makes background seat, and create a intermediate shelf with small screws on desired position.

Then, with the cover piece, fix it with two hinges to create the closet door.

At last, and optionally, embed and fix with wood glue two magnets in corner (opposite the hinges) to maintain closed the door.

At the end, put the cabinet fixed on the wall with metal angles.

- 1 Ikea Molger furniture
- 4 small screws
- 2 hinges
- 2 angles (fix to wall)
- 2 small magnets (optional)
- wood glue -for fix magnets- (optional)

Difficulty: 6/10

~ by abeldb

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