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Published on September 7th, 2016 | by IH guest


Scandinavian Bamboo Sideboard

Scandinavian Bamboo Sideboard

Item List:

  • BRYNILEN bed legs x2 | 602.996.91
  • METOD / FÖRVARA Base cabinet w 2 doors/2 drawers, white, Veddinge white 80x80x37 | 199.157.33
  • METOD Base cabinet 80x40x37 | 302.056.32
  • VEDDINGE Door, white 80×40 | 002.054.31
  • HILVER Table top, bamboo | 802.782.87


  1. I assembled both base cabinets and screwed them together
  2. I removed the attached screws from the bed legs, drilled small holes into the bottom of the base cabinets for assisting (2 per leg, a pair of 4 for each cabinet) and screwed the legs to the bottom plate
  3. I cut the table top to a fitting length (122,5x47cm for me) and screwed it to the top of the base cabinet.
  4. Flowers on top. Done!

Scandinavian Bamboo Sideboard

Scandinavian Bamboo Sideboard

Scandinavian Bamboo Sideboard

Greetings from Germany!

~ Chris Zielecki

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One Response to Scandinavian Bamboo Sideboard

  1. Jenso says:

    Do you have a photo with the cabinets open? I’d love to see the inner storage space!

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