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Doubling the IKEA KRITTTER Beds

IKEA Kritter bunk bed

IKEA Items used: 2 X “Kritter” Children’s beds + some extra pieces of wood and bolts I wanted to make a double bunk bed out of 2 of the Ikea KRITTER Children’s beds. I needed to get some extra pieces of white painted timber appropriately sized and cut to the right lengths and some bolts. I also need to drill into the existing beds to attach the upright pieces that joined the 2 beds together and enough bolts to make it sturdy.

Post to hold up two IKEA KRITTER beds

Strengthening the posts

I assembled the 2 KRITTER beds and then fully joined them together, with the extra lengths of timber from a local hardware store.

IKEA Kritter bunk bed

IKEA Kritter bunk bed

IKEA Kritter bunk bed

IKEA Kritter bunk bed

~ by Lembit Marder

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