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Published on August 4th, 2016 | by Contributor


Crazy cat-lady storage unit

Crazy cat-lady LACK storage

IKEA items used: 3 Lack tables

1. Assemble your Lack tables as per the instructions.
2. With a little bit of wood glue, secure one table on top of another, then once that’s dried, add the third table with more glue. A little goes a long way!
3. Wrap the legs with sisal rope.
4. I attached a scratching board with cable ties to give it more support and width as well as the sisal leg.
5. Spray the entire structure with catnip spray and watch your cats flock to it!

~ by Doctor Loulittle

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2 Responses to Crazy cat-lady storage unit

  1. Stella says:

    Are we looking at the litterbox? That’s too near to the food/drink.
    A bit of glue is not enough, the attaching of the tables must be secured.

    • Doctor Loulittle says:

      Stella, they have 5 litterboxes around the house, as well as water bowls in 6 different places, and food bowls scattered around the place too. This is where they keep coming back to eat though, so if they’re happy with it, I’m happy with it!
      The glue is definitely strong enough, we’ve had it like this for over 6 months and we’ve moved it around the apartment a few times and it’s still as strong as the first day we put it together. We used wood glue, so it’s doing what it’s supposed to do :)

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