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Published on April 1st, 2016 | by IH guest


ORDNING toilet roll holders

IKEA items used:
ORDNING utensil holder (height 13.5cm)

I saw this cute repurposing of ORDNING utensil holders at a cafe in Finland. Three utensil holders were attached to the wall in the cafe washroom and are used to store spare toilet rolls.

ORDNING toilet roll holders

~ Jane Pulford

Norden Concealed Puzzle Table
IKEA LACK Storage Bench

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One Response to ORDNING toilet roll holders

  1. Jan says:

    well lol, nice to see what i take to store my cutlery also fits on equipment for the other end. Indeed looks quite cute but JUST to store. i dont see how to unroll in place.
    This shouts out for a multiplex unroll device to gain worlds first twelve layer toilette paper source …

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