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Published on April 14th, 2016 | by useijmer


IKEA LACK side tables as large table and product display stand

I am the co-owner a company in Stockholm, Sweden, and we have a lot of visitors coming by.  For our reception area we needed a table with chairs, a display for our products and a reception desk. We wanted a unique design but we did not want to spend to much money. A few hours, tons of IKEA LACK tables and some creativity resulted in these three unique pieces of furniture.

IKEA LACK 4 x 4 table

IKEA Lack 4 x 4 table

The LACK table is a bit small and low to be put in front of a comfortable chair, we decided to expand the table by using four tables instead. The four LACK table tops (without legs) were glued to an MDF-board that we cut 1 cm wider than the tables to be able to fit a blue LED stripe in the section between the tables. We had four OLOV legs that we just attached to the MDF-board with regular screws. The table would have looked better with the MDF painted white, we will paint it if we ever do this kind of design again.

IKEA LACK product display

Display stand for products

The product stands were built in a similar way. We used 45 x 45 mm planks cut in the right length that we screwed and glued to the table tops from the back side. We placed the planks 60 mm from the sides so we could cover the wooden structure of the planks by screwing the legs from the tables to the side of the planks. We left a gap between the tables for the LED stripe to match the 4 x 4 table. The construction was mounted on the walls with some additional metal brackets.

Some additional photos of our reception is found here, and if you want further descriptions don’t hesitate to ask!

T­Shaped Partner Desk from IKEA parts
KALLAX and METOD Micro Wardrobe

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4 Responses to IKEA LACK side tables as large table and product display stand

  1. Alana says:

    Second image doesn’t show up for me.

  2. David says:

    Did you fill the gap where the light strips were used to keep the surface flush? If so with what?

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