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Published on April 25th, 2016 | by IH guest


A plant hanger with HEAT trivet & SOCKER plant pot

A plant hanger with HEAT trivet & SOCKER plant pot


  • wool yarn
  • trapilho jersey yarn
  • wooden hoop (I used a 26 cm diam. embroidery hoop)
  • big wooden pearls ( hole diameter must be large enough to thread trapilho)
  • pack of 3 IKEA Heat cork trivet – 3$99
  • IKEA Socker 10.5 cm large plant pot – 1$99
  • painter tape

With a set of 3 HEAT trivets & a SOCKER plant pot, I made a plant hanger. This plant hanger is 150 cm high but can easily be reduced. It’s also possible to replace trapilho jersey by rope for a different effect.

1. Cover IKEA Heat trivets top with painter tape to draw circles with a compass.
2. Mark 3 equidistant holes on each trivet as stated by a cross on photos ( they will serve to suspend plant hanger )
on bottom trivet, mark a central hole.

A plant hanger tutorial

3. Cut trivets circles with a hobby knife or scalpel.
4. Trivet offcuts will serve to make the mobile at plant hanger bottom.

A plant hanger with HEAT trivet & SOCKER plant pot
5. Drill all holes and thread through with rope or trapilho jersey yarn, as I did.
6. Add a wooden pearl to each trapilho length held by a knot.
7. Insert IKEA SOCKER plant pot


You can find the full tutorial for this simple DIY here.

~ Daphne

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  1. Ingenious invention. Good use of garden flowers to display in your home. I use!

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