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Published on January 5th, 2016 | by Skyler的


ENUDDEN Cat Steps On Wall

My kittens grow up. They love chasing each other. The original cat tree is not enough. So I went to IKEA to find some items that can be made into a cat trail.




If you look at the picture below, you can see a door knob has been lost. Because they are so energetic that they damage furniture.

ENUDDEN cat steps on wall

The following photos are the production process. The process is very simple, you should be able to understand.

Add rope to ENUDDEN

Rope done

The boxes are fixed to the wall with a drill and silicon. However, my cat has interfered with my work and I did not get to take pictures of the setting up, so I took a picture of him lying on the drill box.

cat inspecting the drill box

As you can see, they have fun.

ENUDDEN cat steps on wall

ENUDDEN cat steps on wall

The Prosperity Cat. ENUDDEN cat steps on wall

ENUDDEN cat steps on wall

Another wall: because it is too steep, so I removed it.


enudden cat steps and frosta X cat tree

Turn a Vase into a copper bedside lamp
Mid century modern KALLAX with a walnut face

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4 Responses to ENUDDEN Cat Steps On Wall

  1. mickey says:

    Brilliant ideas
    I love IKEA eversincr

  2. Patty says:

    Great job! Thanks for posting! Boy, your cats must love this. Do they actually use most of the platforms you put up? If so, great exercise for them. Does it help them avoid your other furniture tops, like kitchen counters and bureaus, or does it just encourage them to jump on anything? I’m really curious, as I’d love to offer my cat more exercise.

    • Skyler的 Skyler的 says:

      I am Taiwanese. My English is poor. I will try to answer your questions by Google translation.

      Yes, they will use the platform three to four times every day.

      Cats love high places. I build a cat’s path around the ceiling.

      If only the platform but no trail, they will not use.

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