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Published on December 4th, 2015 | by IH guest


The Cam3l Bar

IKEA KALLAX bar hack

Ikea items used:

2 x Kallax square shelves/ 1 x Kallax long shelf.

Step 1.
Remove one side from the Kallax ‘square’ 2×2 shelves to give adequate bar height (If you and your friends are giants you can leave these as square…)

Get the KALLAX assembled

Step 2.
Place Kallax ‘longer 1×4’ shelves on top with the openings facing upwards. (I chose black and used a silver permanent pen to allow friends to sign)

Step 3.
Have a piece of glass made to fit the entire top length of the bar.

Wallpaper the base

Step 4.
Measure and cut a piece of wood to screw in to the front of the ‘square’ shelves. Creating a solid front and holding the lower part together.

Step 5.
Purchase an effective wallpaper of your choice (I went with brick effect) and paper the lower front and sides (I used a spray adhesive to stick it down, this was quite fiddly to ensure all the bricks lined up. (Note I also did the back wall to the side of the bar to give it a more ‘built in’ effect.

IKEA KALLAX bar hack

Step 6.
Add bar equipment/ decorations to add around the bar.

Step 7.
Add LED lights under the lip of the upper shelving part for extra effect.

~ Jack Weetman

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