Hackers Help mount vittsjo to wall

Published on December 30th, 2015 | by Vmillena


Hackers Help: How to mount VITTSJÖ to the wall?

So I really want to turn a VITTSJÖ unit into a mounted wall unit (see picture, link below!) for my kitchen. I’m a new house owner on a budget and I’m very excited to decorate the house. I need more cabinet space for cheap. I have minimal experience with handling tools.

I would love to have wall shelves like the one in the picture! Any suggestions how I could securely mount a VITTSJÖ shelf on to the wall?


Photo: Dwell.com

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New house owner, excited to start decorating rooms on a tight budget!

5 Responses to Hackers Help: How to mount VITTSJÖ to the wall?

  1. JobC says:

    Use a piece of angle iron stock bolted to the studs in the wall and each shelf. Paint to match.

    Something like this.

  2. yobo says:

    if i were installing this in my own kitchen, i would locate studs, and use L brackets screwed into those studs with 2″ screws along each shelf to give as much support as possible.

    i would mark out where the bottom of the shelves sit on the wall first, and then install the L brackets so that i can set the shelf onto them while i drill holes into the metal frame and put machine screws into the frame through the L brackets to secure it.

    and if it were a corner shelf, i would do this on both walls for extra support.

  3. Jenn says:

    Something as heavy as plates will require more than hollow wall sinkers – if it is that kind of wall. If at all possible, the shelf should be attached to wood studs in the wall. (You may need a stud finder device). Or, if the wall is brick underneath, you can get special sinkers for that – which require a drill and a drill bit for masonry. From the picture, I wonder if the shelf is also attached to the ceiling? In any case, try googling on how to hang cabinets and you are likely to get some ideas.

  4. oe says:

    Or instead of sawing of the legs, just assemble and mount the unit upside down ..?

  5. JD says:

    You should be able to drill through the metal frame and use heavy duty wall anchors to mount the shelves to the wall. Google “Hollow Wall Anchors” and find some that are rated for at least 200 pounds (or more if you’re planning to put heavy stuff on the shelves.) Make sure that the screws are long enough to go through the shelf frame and well into the wall anchors.Some paint can cover up the screw heads.

    Looking at the VITTSJÖ shelves, you’ll probably need a hack saw to cut the feet off the shelves so they’re flush on the bottom. It should be easy enough to do by hand.

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