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Published on November 6th, 2015 | by Kissnrain


IKEA Kitchen tables converted to Canine Condo

Items used:

IKEA Melltorp Tables :

IKEA Ferle Rugs

Midwest Life Stages 2 door crate 2′x3′ (purchased elsewhere)

IKEA kitchen tables converted to Canine Condo

After assembling the Melltorp tables following the enclosed instructions, I placed the large tables side by side to build the bottom row. I covered the top of the tables with the Ferle rugs. Then I put the small tables on top.

The crates fit exactly perfectly under each table. They slide right in and out which makes it easy to clean up. This condo is great because it gives each dog its own room to sleep in at night. Otherwise, when we go to bed and the lights go out, the dogs are like… “Mom and dad are sleeping! Party time!”

IKEA MELLTORP tables converted to Canine Condo

IKEA kitchen tables converted to Canine Condo

~ Samantha Sillett

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8 Responses to IKEA Kitchen tables converted to Canine Condo

  1. Traci says:

    LOVE IT!! can you tell me what brand the 36 in crates are. Also are the top tables also called Mellcorp?

  2. Emeline says:

    Why do you lock your dogs?

  3. Ros Reynolds says:

    Wow super idea. All us Shiba owners in UK are wondering who you are :)

    • Kissnrain says:

      Hi Ros, Thank you for your interest. We are just getting started. If you like, here is our website: I’m Not a Fox Shiba Inus. And we are on Facebook at: I’m Not a Fox Facebook Page. When we decided to keep two puppies from our last litter, we ran out of floor space. The Canine Condo was our solution. Hubby (who is from Windsor UK) says that if I can figure out how to build a third floor to the condo, I can import more dogs. ;) Cheers, Samantha

  4. Harry says:

    Shiba Inu Hotel Heaven! Great job!

  5. Kristi says:

    are the top crates the same size? also how much space total length of the set up? It looks really nice and does look like a custom build in unit. I might use a ramp instead of the stairs for my breed but like how they can go up save on our backs. think I saw the ikea hack with the cabinets that made stairs to a bed. that would be nice for storing dog stuff, etc.

    • Kissnrain says:

      The crates are all the same size. The bottom crates are pulled to the front of the bottom row of tables. The top crates are pushed back against the wall. The top tables are for aesthetics and serve no real purchase, but I do hope to build a display for our ribbons that can sit on top of the top tables. You can calculate the width, by using the dimensions listed for the tables. I hope this helps. :)

  6. Ingrid says:

    You are so clever. The design looks great.

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